Veggie BOX



Our veggie box program will be in the form of a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, consisting of 15 weekly deliveries starting in mid-June through mid-October. The program is open to our friends and neighbors in the village of Richmond (within a 2KM radius  of the Richmond Public School).


Each delivery will contain a bag of leafy greens (lettuce mix, spinach, baby kale, etc.), a feature microgreen, our popular and delicious microgreen mix, and an assortment of other vegetables which changes throughout the season.   When tomato season arrives you can expect a mix of cherries or big slicers in every delivery. 

The share size will be suitable for a family of four that consumes a modest amount of vegetables, or a couple that has a heavy vegetable diet, for a week.

Vegetables will be cleaned, neatly packaged, and conveniently delivered right to your door every Thursday afternoon between 4:00PM and 6:00PM.


We recognize that this kind of program is not right for everyone, and you shouldn't feel bad if it's not a good fit for you.  Please consider the following questions to help you decide:

Is knowing your farmer important to you?

In addition to supporting a local farmer, this program gives you the opportunity to get to know and shake the hand that feeds you.  You can ask questions about how your food is grown and how the land is treated. If you prefer your food faceless this program may not be right for you.

Can you taste the difference between fresh quality vegetables and the "other" ones?

Seriously.  If you can't taste the difference between a fresh versus storage carrot, or soil born vine ripened tomato versus that tasteless hydroponic one that drove 2000KM to get to you, you will not perceive the value of this program.  

Do you need complete control over your meal planning?

We strive to offer convenience with this program by delivering clean produce right to your door and our weekly newsletter which provides advance notice of what's coming. However we recognize there is still flexibility required by the members to make use of all the vegetables each week. Some will enjoy this challenge, others may find it adds to their stress level.   

Does the weekly delivery work for you?

If you spend weeks away from home throughout the season you will have to find someone to pick up your produce or risk losing the share(s).  If the time slot is difficult given your personal schedule simply leave a cooler and ice pack outside your door to keep the produce fresh for hours.  

Are you willing to take a risk?

We are looking for partners to support us through thick and thin.  There may be weeks when Mother Nature is less than kind and it is reflected in the shares.  On the contrary there may be bumper crops that will have you swimming in tomatoes. Supporting the farm is just as much about having the back of the farmer as it is about getting the full financial value of the share.


Early Bird Discount - NOW CLOSED

Members paid in full by March 6th will be grand-fathered in at this price for the life of our veggie box program. 

Regular Price - SOLD OUT

Half due at sign up and half due by April 30th. 

We understand the responsibility you are placing with us by paying for your produce up front.  As a result we are targeting a 20% or more discount on our retail prices at the regular price of the program. 


Please use the contact form to send us any questions you may have or to sign up for the veggie box program.  Don't delay as membership is very limited.